Working with Sean has been an excellent experience. His attention to detail and professional demeanor make him a pleasure to have on our larger productions. I never have to worry that my clients will not get his best each time. His deep knowledge of audio as well as ability to direct talent in invaluable. I look forward to many more productions.

Niel G, Wildstyle Media Group

When I directed my first movie, Sean took great pains to ensure that it didn’t sound like one. He was professional and patient and willing to do whatever it took to to make my movie the very best it could be. I’ll work with him again in a heartbeat.

Lynne H, Director of Chomp

I always like working with Sean. He is very attentive to deadlines and very skilled at what he does. I know my audio is going to come out clean and robust when Sean is behind the sliders.

Scott E, The Frugal Filmmaker

Sean was a fountain of knowledge for our group, and helped us in learning about not just his craft, but the filmmaking process in general. He’s dedicated to the art and willing to work hard to get the job done.

Norbert “Gnorb” C., Wicked Window Productions

Sean was very easy to work with and always deliver outstanding work when you need it. You can always count on him, and his ears, for any of your audio needs!

Justin L, ImagineNow Entertainment

Sean has been the go-to guy for any and all audio questions. His astute ear and years of experience make him the most reliable source around.

Evan M, Sweet Home Films, LLC

I’ve worked with Sean on several projects and all I can say is, he knows his stuff. A professional, courteous attitude, and he does top shelf work.

Bill M, Mecca Video